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Tim started his career as a journalist, transitioned to work for a couple software companies and came to VIA in 2000 to establish the digital offering – which has grown exponentially under his watch. He oversees the customer experience in all things digital and keeps VIA connected on the latest apps, gadgets, games, social platforms and Bob Dylan news. Tim’s blog covers VIA’s digital work, trends and the next big thing.

Saving the ACA Website

Nice article about the efforts to salvage the ACA Website.

Anyone who’s ever been involved in a “technology death march” can relate to the description of the project (and probably shudder while reading about it).

It helps when you can call on the industry’s top technical people to bail you out.


Had the Obama team brought in its old campaign hands in the first place to run the launch, there would have been howls about cronyism. But one lesson of the fall and rise of HealthCare.gov has to be that the practice of awarding high-tech, high-stakes contracts to companies whose primary skill seems to be getting those contracts rather than delivering on them has to change. “It was only when they were desperate that they turned to us,” says Dickerson. “I have no history in government contracting and no future in it … I dont wear a suit and tie … They have no use for someone who looks and dresses like me. Maybe this will be a lesson for them. Maybe that will change.”

via Obamas Trauma Team: Inside the Nightmare Launch of HealthCare.Gov – TIME.

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Tim Beidel is the director of interactive development at The VIA Agency.
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