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Creativity is Greg’s domain, but he does whatever it takes to get the job done and to get it done right. A VIAn since 1999, Greg oversees the development and execution of all creative initiatives for the agency and its clients. Creativity is the underlying theme in all Greg does, and this blog is where he shares the thoughts, ideas, songs, stories, pictures and words that flow through him and inspire him.


‘Tis the Season: My Predictions for 2013

Heading into the new year, 2013 holds the promise of a return to optimism. I think we will see some dynamic shifts in content development and distribution as the seeds of media fragmentation continue to be sowed. Entertainment companies (and advertisers) will finally have to address the thorny issues that the publishing, music and photography businesses have been grappling with for a decade: Where do we play, how do we play, and does it make fiscal sense? If the economy grows, as many expect it will, the answers to these questions will be met with innovation and dynamism that could have a lasting effect.

My prediction for the year’s biggest disruption in the a media world is the much-discussed, but yet-to-be realized demise of big budget broadcast TV. After a full decade of media fragmentation, the numbers just aren’t there to sustain this kind of artist-driven big-budget programming. This will likely lead to two things that will have a big impact. First, broadcast TV will continue to look even more like non-subscriber cable networks (think reality TV, sports and sensational news) than the premium cable networks where we currently go to watch “Homeland,” “Boardwalk Empire,” and “Breaking Bad.” Second, to get this kind of programming made and distributed, Hollywood will increasingly go directly to advertisers for funding and will rely more and more on digital platforms for distribution.

With big change comes big opportunities. My new year’s resolution is to have the foresight and courage to take advantage of them.

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Greg's Blog

Posted on March 19, 2012

The Past in Vibrant Color

I love the color photos of stars we mostly have seen in black and white.   It humanizes them in a way that doesn't undermine what made them stars in the first place. It also reminds us how much something as simple as seeing something in color can add so much. It's worth remembering in this day ...

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Posted on March 12, 2012


After a few days and several spins, I honestly believe that Wrecking Ball is Bruce's best album since Tunnel of Love. More than that, it is his first great post-E Street album. Bruce has been trying very hard for a very long time, not to get rid of the E Street Band, but to create ...

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The Negotiator Gets a Seemingly Raw Deal

Last week, Ad Age ran an article with a headline so brilliantly preposterous that you would’ve thought it had come from The Onion: Priceline Kills the Messenger Because Ads Worked Too Well   And yet the ensuing article was not one of biting irony or satire. It was an all-too-well crafted report on how the above statement can ...

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